Celebration of the Kazakhstan National Day

The Embassy of Kazakhstan hosted a reception at the Sheraton Hotel to celebrate the National Day . The reception was visited by more then 200 officials guest from the Diplomatic and business community in Stockholm. The reception was held in conjunction with the launch event of the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council. The participants from the… Read more »

Succesful inauguration of the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council

Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council was officially inaugurated last Thursday the 4th of December at an event at Sheraton Hotel, Stockholm. The event was hosted by the Kazakhstan Ambassador Dastan Yeleukenov in Stockholm whom together with senior executives from the Swedish Foreign Ministry, Mr Stefan Gullgren, Head of Department for Eastern Europe and Central Asia and Mr Mikael Johansson,… Read more »

The new economic policy for Kazakhstan launched 11th of November

The 11th of November, the President Nazarbayev addressed the nation pointing out the direction of the future development and investment plans for Kazakhstan. It demonstrates an in-depth approach for further development of the country based on assessment of the geopolitical and economic situation in the world. The new economic policy called “Nurly Zhol” (“The Path… Read more »

The Council signs cooperation agreement with Kazagro

On Tuesday the 11th of November, in Astana, the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Kazakhstan Joint Stock Company “Kazagrao”. The agreement states “The Memorandum confirms the desire of the Parties to strengthen and develop to the possible extent the relationship between them in all segments of the agricultural industry… Read more »