Investment opportunities in Kazakhstan with four good brochures about: Agriculture and food manufacturing – Chemicals – Machinery sector – Retail trade database on investment projects.  

Dr Svante E. Cornell comment

For twenty-five years, Kazakhstan has made tremendous progress in its state-building efforts under the rule of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Nazarbayev has wielded strong control of the political process both in formal terms, through a highly presidential constitution, and in informal terms, with the respect he commands as the first President of Kazakhstan. But Kazakhstan has… Read more »

We welcome “Orient Tours” as sponsor

For 2017 we have a co-operation with Orient Tours who will help exclusive Sweden – Kazakhstan business council to arrange trips for companies, groups ore individuals to EXPO 2017. Please contact Orient Tours for special arrangements at:   Orient Tours has broad knowledge of the travel industry and has for many years organized various types of… Read more »

Kazakhstan 25 years independence day

2016 marks 25 years of Kazakhstan’s sovereignty. In 1991, Kazakhstan declared its independence from the Soviet Union. On October 25, 1990, Kazakhstan drafted a Declaration of Independence, which eventually led the Kazakh people to create their own Constitution. The country declared independence on December 16, 1991. This year Kazakhstan is celebrating its 25th anniversary as an… Read more »