How to get membership?

Membership in the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council is open to all interested entrepreneurs, companies, organisation in Sweden as well as Kazakhstan whom share the interest of develop cross-border commercial opportunities between Sweden and Kazakhstan.

To register for membership, please fill in the web application form (button on the right).

Membership benefits – Our services

We offer to our members the following activities and services:

  • – Seminars
  • – Technical visits
  • – Workshops on specific topics
  • – Match making events
  • – Support in market entry
  • – Investments opportunities and related services
  • – Access to an extensive business network in Sweden and Kazakhstan
  • – Regular newsletter
  • – Exclusive invitations to events

The activities and services will be at cost per member or sponsored from a cases by case principal. The invitations to the different event will clearly state if there will be a cost or if it is a sponsored event.

The Council also offers exclusive consultancey services for its members, this is offered on case by case basis. Please ask for a proposal.

Membership fee & Sponsorship programme

Membership for 2018 is free of charge. The funding of the Business Council is being done by a sponsorship program and occasional participation fee’s at the Councils events.

The sponsors will have the right to use the exclusive Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council logo in their communication. Please contact the Council if you are interested to learn mora about the Sponsorship programme.

The Council resevers the right to revoke any the membership or deny membership to members.